We always try to buy used vehicles first. More than 2/3s of the vehicles we have for staff and managers that need them are used. Sometimes we can’t find something used that matches what we need at the time. That’s what happened with the vehicle you’re talking about. We needed a dependable truck for someone that puts more miles on them than just about anyone else at the EMC. This vehicle will be on the road every day meeting members all over the system – through fields, dirt-roads, and anywhere it’s needed. We thought a new truck would be worth the investment. Most of our bucket trucks and things like derricks are purchased new because we get better use and better value in the long term.

Due to the rural area we serve, all of our pickups and SUV’s need to be 4×4 and designed for off road use as well as have enough room for the necessary tools, equipment, and personnel needed to insure the best service. This is typical throughout our industry. Our system covers three counties and has over 3,300 miles of lines, 19,650 meters. In addition, our employees are extremely appreciative of vehicles that meet these needs, and we have seen much higher productivity when they are provided with nice and capable equipment – whether it’s a Bucket truck, tools, or vehicle.