Grady EMC has been under consistent attack by a group of people for more than three years. Many of these attacks include misinformation, misguided statements and outright falsehoods. We want to set the record straight with facts and answers to your questions. We always want to be as responsive as possible to our members, so please ask any questions you may have.

Grady EMC is a non-profit, cooperative organization that exists to serve its members. Every decision we make is focused on keeping rates as low as we can, improving reliability and supporting our community. It is our privilege to serve you.


Why is Bo Rosser’s contract for 4 years and one month?

It’s not. Bo Rosser has a standard three-year contract. Read more

What are board members paid and how is that determined?

Board members are paid approximately $475/board meeting, Read more

Did Tommy Rosser have EMC employees work on his sports cars?

All employees had access to the shop for their vehicles to be worked on whether they were trucks, cars, or tractors. See details in video

Did Bo Rosser demand that Ronald Sellars leave a board of directors meeting?

No, Mr. Sellars announced he needed to be recused in a prior meeting when an issue he had been involved with was being discussed. Read more

Did Grady EMC spend $40,000 on granite countertops?

The total cost of granite countertops was $39,000. See details in video

Did Grady EMC spend over $4,000 for carpet in Bo Rosser’s office?

This cost isn’t reflective of carpet in Bo Rosser’s office alone. See details in video