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Since the lawsuit brought against Grady EMC by a small group of dissatisfied members was settled and dismissed, at least one member of that group has decided to continue circulating misleading, inaccurate or flat-out false stories. While we are disappointed by the continued attacks on Grady EMC and its employees, we aren’t going to hesitate to share the facts with our members and others.

On this website, we’ll answer these charges by sharing accurate, up-to- date information and the truth about your Grady EMC.

Throughout this group’s attempts to stir up controversy and take control of your EMC, the focus of Grady EMC’s leadership has remained on service to our members. Grady EMC continues to offer some of the lowest rates and highest reliability out of all the EMCs in Georgia, providing reliable and affordable power to our community. Smart planning and careful investing have positioned Grady EMC to continue that trend, allowing us to withstand peak demand throughout the year and quickly restore power after storms and other incidents.

The EMC is its employees and its members. I invite any member or employee to email me (borosser@gradyemc.com) or call me (229-377- 4182) and ask for a meeting. I will meet you in my office or come to you and you can ask me about the EMC. If you want to know my salary, we will talk about it. If you want to talk about patronage capital, we will talk about it. If you want to see the improvements to the EMC, we will look at them. If you want to see EMC documents, and will sign the affidavit required by state law (O.C.G.A. § 46-3-271), we will make them available for your review according to state law.

This is your EMC. Come discover the truth for yourself.


Bo Rosser
President and General Manager

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